Secure Wallets and Smart Contracts

Rally Chain simplifies workflows with blockchains for seamless and secure blockchain interactions

“IMO the #1 user experience need for crypto continues to be secure key management solutions. Multisig, scorched earth vaults, uPort-style social account recovery, hardware wallets, all good, but lots of work UI side (and formally verifying the actual contracts!) left to be done”

Quoting Vitalik Buterin on user experience problems

All the tools you'll need

If you need secure blockchain interactions for large amounts of cryptocurrencies, transferring health information or activating rockets on the blockchain - we can help!

Save time with a multitude of components designed to streamline security

Provide a unified user experiece for your customers with standard components

Take comfort in keeping your users safe while they interact with your contracts

Focus on writing the core components of your systems, we take care of the security

Construct smart contracts with different protection schemes dynamically

Prevent phishing by using our authentication APIs that validate your contracts